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Australias olympic swimming team holds their medals

Australia’s Most Successful Olympic Sport

With three gold, four silver and three bronze for a total of 10 out of our 29 medals at Rio 2016, swimming is Australia’s most successful Olympic sport, as has been the case for many years. While Australian swimmers didn’t pick up as many medals as was expected this Olympics, they competed admirably and did […]

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Australian swimming team in the olympics holding medals

Australia’s Rio Olympics Medal Tally

For a country with a population of just 24 million to finish the Rio 2016 Olympics in the top ten, even at number 10, should be considered quite an achievement. That would not seem to be the case, however, for a sports-loving and fiercely competitive country like Australia that was tipped, and widely expected, to […]

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A man holding an Olympic medal

Why Do Olympians Bite Their Medals?

There are nearly as many rumours circulating about why Olympians bite their medals as there were medals won in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Some of these rumours are in good fun, such as they aren’t really made of precious metals at all, but rather chocolate wrapped in foil, whereas others beg and try their hardest […]

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