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Trophy Ideas for Sports and Other Competitions

Trophy Shop PerthAre you having trouble deciding what type of trophy to order for an upcoming competition or tournament? Here’s a breakdown of the most common types of trophies available, along with a few suggestions on which sports and events they’re best-suited to:

  • Figurine Trophies
    These are some of the most common trophies available for team sports. In this case, the award itself depicts a scene from the sport in question. They’re great for highly active sports such as basketball, football or volleyball. With these trophies, you might see a baseball player poised and at the ready, preparing to swing the bat; or an Australian Rules footballer standing proudly in full gear. They’re ideal for active athletes, as they often reflect the moment of triumph in scoring a goal or crossing the finish line.
  • Cup Trophies
    Cup trophies harken back to the days of ancient Greece when winners in the original Olympics would receive a large cup filled with sacred olive oil. Today’s cup trophies mimic the form of those original prizes and add an air of prestige to the award. That’s why they’re best reserved for major competitions such as championships and tournaments. These trophies are also suitable for academic awards such as large-scale spelling bees.  
  • Plaques
    This style of an award is best for recognising a distinction. Suppose, for example, that a swimmer breaks a record for their school or region despite the fact that they weren’t involved in a direct competition. A plaque allows you to recognise this achievement without handing them an irrelevant ‘First Place’ award. Plaques are also highly commemorative and can be hung on the wall for decades to come. You can also use them to recognise academic honours.
  • Medals
    Perhaps even more regal and dignified than a plaque, a medal marks an achievement worth remembering for the rest of one’s life. This achievement could be athletic, academic or even militaristic in nature. But in most cases, this is the type of award bestowed upon a person who exhibited profound courage or set an example to which others will undoubtedly aspire. With that in mind, medals are best reserved for achievements that are not likely to be repeated often. These are often commonly bestowed upon first-, second- and third-place winners in track and field events.  
  • Shields and Perpetual Awards
    A perpetual is any trophy that changes hands over time. Perhaps your league hosts a major tournament every year, and part of the tradition and decorum is handing a perpetual trophy to the winning team for them to take care of it until the same tournament is held next year. Shields are similar, except that the award is usually an engraved plate that’s affixed to a prominently displayed shield shaped plaque in a common area.
  • Ribbons
    Ribbons are similar to medals, in that they usually celebrate the achievements of an individual rather than a team. The difference is that ribbons are generally less prestigious (if only because they appear to be less expensive). Ribbons are great for large events in which a wide range of graded achievements (i.e. first, second and third places) are going to be recognised across several categories. Along those lines, they’re appropriate for everything from school talent shows and science fairs to track-and-field days at school.

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